I set up New Insights For Change in 2008 just after the big American Bank Lehman Brothers collapsed. I had watched for a number of years before that the craziness building in housing values and the unconscious political decisions that supported the over heating of economies. I knew long since that if we were to stop the madness we had to start thinking differently and become more conscious and that we desperately needed to have ‘MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS’ in our Communities, Educations Institutes, Workplaces, Businesses, Political Forums to be part of creating more ‘conscious societies.


Meaningful Conversations

I am available for one to one consultations for Mentoring for Life and business.

I am available to work with Companies, Communities and Education Institutes and to give Motivational Talks.



When you meet someone at a Soul level it is a rare event. Therefore we know there is something special about the individual, because we don’t get that feeling with every single person that we meet. Bernadette connects at a Soul level and as such has the ability, some might say gift, of being able to transform lives for the better. Her intention is pure and as a visionary of positive social change, making the world a better place for everyone. She is a key person to seek guidance from. Her passion for life is contagious and she also knows how to convert that into reality on a practical basis. Find her and engage her, if what you require is positive transformation.

Derek Mills – The Standards Guy

International Speaker: Business & Wealth Development Specialist. StandardsRevolution™ creator. Author  ‘The Ten Second Philosophy’   www.derekmills.com


Bernadette Phillips has a special gift: the gift of drawing the best from us and helping us to get in touch with who we truly are. As an intuitive coach, she can see what is there in our energy, just waiting to be activated; she helps us to get in touch with our passions and move forward on our true path. I have had two sessions with Bernadette and both of them encouraged and inspired me. Bernadette is a spiritual person with her feet well and truly on the ground. I love that; it’s not airy-fairy spirituality; it’s spirituality that is rooted in what is happening day to day; it’s spirituality that is active and helps us to make our contribution in today’s world. Bernadette has taught me a great deal about staying grounded and mindful, about being in the present, about staying balanced and appreciating the beauty of my life as it is right now. She helps me to have the confidence to take my rightful place in the world, to realise my potential, and to use my talents in the most positive way possible. Bernadette’s ability to connect with my inner being helps me to see more clearly and have faith in my journey. She works with sincerity, and love, and humour, which is simply wonderful.

Annette Gartland, environmental journalist and activist, and reiki master.


At Bernadette Phillips – New Insights For Change I support you to become part of the 2% of the population that goes for dreams, enbraces the unknown, explores new things, goes with change, lives with Integrity, is part of making this world a better place, chooses happiness, lives consciously, gets the most out of life, is not held back by fear, focuses on solutions not problems, focuses on abundance instead of scarcity, is committed to making a positive difference in the World.

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Bernadette Phillips  – New Insights For Change partners with Humanitarians, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries and Transformational Leaders, who are working to create positive social change, wellbeing, holistic conscious living and transformation in all sectors to make the World a better place for ALL.


Conscious Mindful Awareness for life, business, leadership, education, community, and politics


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