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We have a great tradition of Conversation in Ireland. In recent years technology and busy lives has somewhat impacted on this in many ways. If you feel it is time to reconnect then join me and others who want to start that great flow of conversation in person going again. Sit, chat, connect, share, start to build community and have fun. Chat about many different areas of life and the World around us.


Bernadette is a Sociologist, Poet, Award Winning Broadcaster and Founder of ‘New Insights For Change’. She has over thirty years experience facilitating conscious conversation’ gatherings, in Education, Community and Business sectors.
She has worked as a University Lecturer and Transformational Facilitator and is a Motivational Mentor and Speaker. She also uses poetry in Facilitation to explore Creative Expression.


So many things. Among the most key areas of ‘great conversation’ are; people willing to listen, share and bring alive topics and areas of interest to all. Who gather together with open minds and a willingness to explore many different ideas. A cosy setting where people feel heard by each other and that gives space and creates an environment for everyone to speak. Such conversations provide a deep and rich opportunity to grow and discover the more of the self in the company of others.




I attended a Conscious Living workshop recently with Bernadette. This was
the first time I had ever taken part in such a work shop and I found it
absolutely an amazing experience. Bernadette is such a wonderful intuitive
person and she has the ability to make everyone relaxed.

I found this workshop to be excellent and one of the things that sticks in
my mind to date is that there are many back drops in our daily lives. On
the day of our workshop rather than having closed curtains and a projector
we had open curtains looking out the window onto the most beautiful scene
of the River Lee and the trees. I thought this was a superb back drop to be
able to visualize in my daily life. The people and the energy in the room
on that day were very positive and uplifting. I really enjoyed this
workshop and the company of a lovely group of people.

Thank you Bernadette for making me realise the importance being Aware in my
daily life.  Conscious living has made a huge difference to my life in a
short space of time.

Karen – Cork.


I attended one of Bernadette’s Conscious Living Workshops and anyone who has not should … What an amazing day the energy in the room was enough to light up the world … It was both conscious and ethical and uplifting and the purest of positivity that I have ever come across … I cannot recommend highly enough what this lovely lady can bring to a room and into the life of anyone who has the pleasure of sharing an hour never mind a day with this amazing lady …. 

Linda – Waterford


*I attended Bernadette’s Conscious Living event in the hope I could engage
more fully, decrease everyday stress, increase everyday pleasures, and
create more peace, harmony and ease in my personal & professional life.
Bernadette has a wealth of knowledge and facilitated the gathering of
attendees in an enjoyable and engaging exercise of self discovery.*

*Not to be missed – Highly recommended.*

Aoife  – Waterford                                                                                                                                              



In living Consciously we enter into and live life in wholeness of our whole person, mind, heart, body and soul. My Conscious Living Workshop ‘mindful awareness for life, business and leadership, explores the joys of becoming and living fully awake within our senses and the holistic benefits it has. We connect to our inner ‘satnav’ to gain clarity, focus and direction.

We all have amazing unique potential which so often remains hidden deep inside. How wonderful to truly know that at any moment we can make a conscious choice to uncover our potential and consciously live holistically. It explores how changing our Thoughts and Mindset can raise postive energy to a new vibration to support us to attract, achieve and manifest what we want in our lives and so potentially turn our dreams into reality. With this new consciousness we can make ‘real’ positive differences in our own lives, our Families, Workplaces, Communities and World.

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 I spent many years working in the Community, Business and Education sectors, with all the varied experiences this can bring. Looking back, from a young age I have always had the Vision to create a Conscious and Holistic Business using my Intuitive and Spiritual Awareness alongside my Academic Learning, a business in which I could work with others to connect them to their amazing unique potential and support them to truly believe in themselves. Equally to integrate this with making this world a better place through working with Leaders in Business, Organisations and Institutes on Conscious & Transformational Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence.


Meditation & Mindfulness Classes

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