Bernadette Phillips lives and breathes her work, she is her work. Just a few minutes in her company, is not only a privilege, but a profoundly healing and grounding experience, because that is this great Ladies gift and “vibration”. I am in the fortunate position of getting to meet Bernadette socially quite often, and it always astonishes me just how perceptive and completely tuned in she is to the absolute reality of the soul within each human being. This soul connection with others is what Bernadette effortlessly manifests, instantly recognising the qualities and virtues within each person, and assisting in bringing them from dormancy to fruition. One of the most healing moments in my life recently, was just a short conversation with Bernadette as I sat behind a reception desk, but it was so poignant, affirming, compassionate and insightful, that I was absolutely moved to tears, and for the first time in a lengthy period, felt that my life was once again on track and full of possibilities; a feeling that hasn’t left me since, and the evidences of which are “appearing” in my life on a daily basis, almost like prompts, and reminders. I can only add that souls recognise the truth, they are truth, and exist beyond the workings of our conscious minds, and the endless and exhausting lists of personal desires. Bernadette Phillips is a woman who lives her souls truth, and in this way raises the energy of everyone and everything around her. Thank you Bernadette.

                                                                                                                      Richard Hatton






Bernadette has over thirty years experience teaching and facilitating Personal Develoment and Professional Development Programmes. She has been Intuitive since childhood and uses this in her life and work.

Bernadette holds an MA in Women’s Studies from the University of Limerick and also has qualifications in Social Science with Social Policy, Counselling, Employee Welfare and Transformation facilitation.

Bernadette is an Holistic Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Motivational Speaker and Sociologist and Social Entrepreneur. She is also an Intuitive with the ability to provide ‘clear seeing’ through her Intuitive Guidance Readings, for all areas of life.

With a Vision for making this World a better place for all, at NEW INSIGHTS FOR CHANGE, she provides Conscious Living and Conscious Leadership Talks, and Meditation and Mindfulness Programmes and Seminars across the Business, Community and Education sectors. She has also worked as a University Lecturer and Community Leader.

Bernadette has a passion for what she does and loves sharing this with others to unleash their own unique passion, purpose and potential.

Central to how Bernadette does life and business is her strong belief that ‘we can do good and do well’. This she carries into all areas of her work and supports a number of humanitarians in their work, to include those on the fronline. She believes that we each can be part of making the World a better place for ALL…

in 1997 as A Social Entrepreneur, Bernadette co-founded the first project in ireland to support single teenage mother’s to remain in mainstream education and to progress on to third level education, employment or training.

Bernadette has a deep interest in Peace, Social Justice and Human Rights. She connects and works with Global Leaders involved in these issues. Like these Leaders she believes that key to ‘real sustainable change is working in collaboration to find ‘common ground’ and listening to each others point of view through conscious dialogue.

Bernadette is also a Helper and Researcher for the International Group Parallel Community and part of this Team. To read About it please click

As an International Speaker Bernadette has shared the speaking Platform with many well known Thought Leaders and Transformational Business Leaders. In 2012 as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool, Bernadette was one of the Speakers at a fringe Event of this Global Congress, The Spiritual Entrepreneur Summit. To listen to her Talk at this Event please click on the video below.

Bernadette Phillips  – Conscious Leadership & Conscious Culture