I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Bernadette on a number of occasions and witnessing first-hand her gift for inspiring positive change when she spoke about ‘knowing your WHY in business’ at a start-up event facilitated by the Fumbally Exchange. Throughout her speech she engaged, energized and inspired all in attendance. In fact I have since spoken with a number of people who were there on the night and all reflected on how Bernadette really got them thinking about creating positive change within their business.

Justin Kearns Co-Founder Tucr – An online layaway platform for retailers/shoppers www.tucr.ie

Mentoring / Business Coaching  – Testimonials

“Bernadette has successfully coached over twenty small business owners from RIKON’s client base. Her projects have involved recognising and building vision, purpose, values and motivation in the work place for business owners and managers whilst also assisting the businesses to reconnect with existing and new business growth strategies. Bernadette works in the specific, starting from the broader personal and business landscape, but ending in actionable insights and engagements for her client. I would recommend Bernadette with any small or large project that requires the very best in motivational, inspirational coaching but also real business planning. A truly inspirational thinker and leader.”

Clare Flinders – Applied Research Manager, RIKON, Business School, Waterford Institute of Technology


“Bernadette has the ability to build an immediate rapport. With a very easy manner she seizes a very small glimmer of an idea and helps you build a shinning light. She helps the client sort out the strengths and weakness, to turn both on their head and travel forward in a new,more successful way. A great asset and boost to any company – you’d want to keep her forever!”

Jill Aston, Managing Director/Owner, Bagsitt & Bagsitt Australia



“Bernadette is a pleasure to work with. She brings clarity, focus and direction to even the most challenging areas of a business. She drives you to explore the best solutions and motivates you to devise a plan to achieve your goals. Over the years i’ve worked with Marketing and other Business Consultants but Bernadette is outstanding in comparison. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Bernadette.”

Clare Ferguson, HR Manager, Nypro, Waterford.

& HR Outsourcing, Waterford.

“I was very fortunate to receive business coaching sessions with Bernadette at a time when I was working through decisions on the direction and focus of my new business.
Spending time with Bernadette allowed me to reconnect with my beliefs and passions as a business owner and as an individual.  By offering non judgemental guidance and support, Bernadette facilitated me in developing renewed purpose, clarity and belief in my goals.  With a genuine desire to help people succeed in their business ventures, Bernadette is a rare and gifted teacher. She is more than willing to share her vast knowledge and I highly recommend her services to anyone.

Leonora Ryan, Director, theTRAINengine, Wexford.



“Bernadette’s unique combination of empathy, intuition and a deep awareness of the need to bring the spiritual and physical worlds into harmony is profound. Her heart, her head and her spirit bring guidance to a deeper level for wherever you are and need to be. Thank you Bernadette.”

 Finola Howard, Managing Director

Finola Howard, Great Marketing Works, Waterford.



“I first met Bernadette at a business seminar we were both attending and was
immediately impressed by her radiant positivity and her deep perceptiveness of people in business. Like so many people in these times of change, I was trying to work through some important decisions in my professional life.  Bernadette helped me rediscover a clarity of thought and direction, a focus, and a new found self-belief to find and follow your passion.
This wonderful person has an instinctive ability to help dissolve the clouds
that so often hold us back from reaching for the sky”. 

Marcus Notley, Director, Marcus Notley, Product Designers & Innovators. Waterford.



Bernadette was a highly inspirational coach at a pivotal point in my career. She discussed my options in detail with me, giving me a really honest view of the paths I was considering. She made me feel unique and precious while also being honest and forthright enough to be clear about those difficult things I needed to change. as a result of working with her, I can say my career took a whole new, and much more successful path! In fact, some of her guidance is coming back to me as I write this and I realise what I need to do next!”

Karla Kelly  Director – House of Yoga – Waterford.


“Bernadette Phillips has a special gift: the gift of drawing the best from us and helping us to get in touch with who we truly are. As an intuitive coach, she can see what is there in our energy, just waiting to be activated; she helps us to get in touch with our passions and move forward on our true path. I have had two sessions with Bernadette and both of them encouraged and inspired me. Bernadette is a spiritual person with her feet well and truly on the ground. I love that; it’s not airy-fairy spirituality; it’s spirituality that is rooted in what is happening day to day; it’s spirituality that is active and helps us to make our contribution in today’s world. Bernadette has taught me a great deal about staying grounded and mindful, about being in the present, about staying balanced and appreciating the beauty of my life as it is right now. She helps me to have the confidence to take my rightful place in the world, to realise my potential, and to use my talents in the most positive way possible. Bernadette’s ability to connect with my inner being helps me to see more clearly and have faith in my journey. She works with sincerity, and love, and humour, which is simply wonderful.

Annette Gartland, environmental journalist and activist, and reiki master.